Replace I
[Replace - I] The 1st G: Teikou Middle Schools Eventful Afterschool [On-line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ] [Download][] []
[Replace - I] The 2nd G: Kaijou High Schools White Book of Youth[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - I] The 3rd G: Seirin High School Basketball Clubs Biggest Crisis[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - I] The 4th G: Kaijou High Schools White Book of Youth[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - I] The 5th G: Terror! The Tragedy at the Mountain Resort!![On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - I] Extra: I am the New Member[On-line] [Download][] []
Replace II
[Replace - II] The 1st G: Welcome to Teikous Festival[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - II] The 2nd G: Midorima Shintarous Extremely Unlucky Day[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - II] The 4th G: Touou Academys Sleepless Night[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - II] Omake: A Peaceful Morning in the Izuki Household[On-line] [Download][] []
Replace III
[Replace - III] The 1st G: The summer festival of Generation of Miracle[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - III] The 2nd G: A gift to the couch[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - III] The 3rd G: The Adventures of TAIGA and TATSUYA[On-line 1, 2, 3, 4] [Download][] []
[Replace - III] The 4rd G[On-line][Download][] []
[Replace - III] The 5th G: Yousen High School Hard at Work[On-line] [Download][] []
Replace VI
[Replace - VI] The 5th G: The Legendary Brave Leader Akashi[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - VI] Omake: The Splendid Teikou Girls Meeting[On-line] [Download][] []
Replace V
[Replace - V] The 1st G: Stopping Along The Way[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - V] The 2st G: The Ace of Plunder[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - V] The 3rd G: Their Summer Vacation[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - V] The 4rd G: A Certain Sixth Mans Break[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - V] The 5Th G: Spring Storm[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - V] The 6th G: The Bad Boy Of Deceit[On-line] [Download][] []
[Replace - V] Omake: A Clockwork Apple and Honey and Little Sister[On-line] [Download][] []